GLAMPING: def: Luxury Camping

Ok, so after taking a look at camping forums, I apparently am not a “camper” at all but rather a “glamper”. Yes, the “real” campers made up a word for those of us who prefer air conditioning and a mattress. Yea, whatever! I grew up in Louisiana, home of alligators that walk out of the lake at night and mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds. (not to mention the low temp in the summer is 89-90 degrees)

I suspect those people will never understand my need for air conditioning as much as I will never understand their need to eat trail mix and to wear Tevas. (yes, I said Tevas!) So, here’s the camper! A 2013 Keystone Outback Rear Living with 2 large slides and a small closet slide in the bedroom. It sleeps all six of us and maybe a few guests on air mattresses. We seriously got an amazing deal on it brand new from Southern RV in Bossier City, LA. Dallas dealers seriously couldn’t touch them!Image

Ok – so maybe it IS a little GLAMPY. :/  (Ask me if I really care!) 🙂


Last summer we packed up friends, kids, dogs, food and hoped for the best! Off to Wright Patman Lake – Clear Springs Park. The first site was A4. We had no idea this site was sitting at the tip of a little peninsula and I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing view. (attempt 1 – score!)


Ok, get ready for the sappy stuff…3, 2, 1,…this view did something for my soul. Waking up first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee knowing everything I adore and love in this world is sleeping in the camper next to me and we will all awake to a view of God’s creation in all it’s glory, made me feel complete. I was speechless and I knew buying this camper and neglecting the dishes at home was the best decision for my family.


We invited some great friends: Shawna, Fred and their two daughter, Hailey & Jordan. (and a friend of theirs from out of town) We had teenagers and “tweens” everywhere. We took over the A4 peninsula and enjoyed every minute. Everything worked as it should with the camper and we have never caught fish there like we did that first day. I suspect that was God’s way to saying – see I told you, just stop and look for Me and I will fill your heart with joy! Well played God!




When Did THAT Happen??!!

Seriously! When did THAT happen? (No really – look at that picture! Um – that’s no baby!) Madison (Maddie), my sweet little girl that WAS a baby like, oh, yesterday! I’m not sure what drugs they gave me after she was born but MAN I feel like I fell asleep and woke up to find this breathtaking vision of a “woman-child” that I can call my daughter standing in front of me.
I have had several things happen over the last few years that have reminded me to open my eyes wide and take it all in because this moment is absolutely fleeting! The first of which was Maddie’s first stroll into high school – looking like a first grader walking into a huge school building I was convinced was filled with insecure monsters we call teenagers who were out to devour her. Then it hit me, she’s a teenager, a real living breathing “teenager”. “HOLY *&%# I have a teenager”!! Lord help us all.

Thank you CE Byrd for having such a well thought out plan to take care of my baby because without that plan I would be relearning Algebra sitting next to my mortified child in class. (I was prepared to pay for her counseling – no worries!)
We made it – through the first day, first week, even the first year of high school without a scratch. (We’re not counting that first heartbreak – so old news now!) I knew it was time to force time to slow down.

Who cares about clean dishes and honestly, I like bunnies – even if they are made from dust. A manicured yard is over-rated! Pack it up kids! We are going C-A-M-P-I-N-G!! That’s how it started – a short impulse shopping trip later we were the proud new owners of both a boat and a camper that held all six of us. We are now actively pursing memories! Not just the kind you recall with effort but the kind that make you smile in a crowded room. The kind that start with our children saying “Remember the time…” when we are too old to remember ourselves. I will document our trips, locations, memories, mistakes and favorites.

Remember – home is where you park it!

Home is where you park it!! God, Love, Family, Memories: We have found them all around the campfire.